Identify and validate drug-target engagement

Understanding a drug’s primary target is crucial for successful development. However, inadequate validation of targets early on can lead to costly clinical failures. At Inoviem Scientific we help you overcome these challenges by: 

  • Validating targets in your chosen model: Whether cell line, primary cells, iPSCs, or animal models, we can validate candidate targets within the same model you’re using for further development. 
  • Unveiling the full interactome: when not sure of therapeutic target or suspecting off-target interactions, our proteomic platform combined with NPOT® technology allows for comprehensive analysis. This technology reveals the complete protein network your compound interacts with, including both beneficial (on-targets) and unintended interactions (off-targets). Importantly, it preserves the natural structure and conformation of these proteins. Through pathway enrichment analysis, we can identify and validate both on- and off-targets, leading to a deeper understanding of potential toxicity pathways. 

Reduce attrition rates: early side-effect detection

Identifying secondary targets that might cause side effects is critical. NPOT® technology allows us to quickly determine if a secondary target is beneficial or detrimental to the target indication. This can be done preclinically or even during clinical phases, allowing you to identify and address potential side effects much earlier, significantly reducing attrition rates in Phase II trials. 

Beyond identification: biophysical Confirmation c

Our robust empirical approach enables you to salvage a failed compound by finding a new indication for it. We enable you to quickly reposition a compound.

  • Direct Binding: Does your compound interact directly with the identified target? 
  • Target Relevance: Is the identified target expressed in the disease context and plays a key role in the pathology? 
  • Functional Impact: Does binding to the target affect its function, leading to therapeutic effects or side effects? 

Salvaging potential: repurposing failed compounds

Our robust approach can give new life to seemingly failed compounds. We can identify new indications for them through target validation, enabling you to quickly reposition the drug and avoid costly development dead ends. 

Benefits of Inoviem’s target validation services: 

  • Reduced risk: Validate targets early to avoid costly clinical failures. 
  • Expanded opportunities: Repurpose “failed” compounds through target validation and repositioning. 
  • Improved efficacy: Identify both on-target and off-target interactions for better drug design. 
  • Faster development: Discover and address potential side effects earlier in the process. 

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