Our expertise in translational pharmacology

Inoviem works directly on human tissue rather than on a type of pharmacology in an animal or cellular model. This expertise enables us to provide vital information about the clinical reality of the pharmacology. While traditional model-based pharmacology does not provide information about the Mode of Action, our patient centric approach will give you an excellent understanding of the result you would receive, once you are treating the patient.

Our innovative approach

Our approach to working directly on non-modified human tissue means that we eliminate the need for modeling and its significant drawback of failing to take account of the natural environment in which a drug will have its beneficial effect. By working in a natural environment, we provide you with critical data without biasing the drug development process. This results in a lower risk of drugs reaching the market with unexpected undesired effects or a loss of therapeutic activity.

Advantages of a translational pharmacology approach

A major advantage of translational pharmacology is its ability to quantify and qualify the pharmacological strength of your compound and provide relevant insights into your new treatment far sooner than other methods.

  • Discover far sooner than the conventional five years whether or not your compound will work
  • Find out whether your project will pass phase II within a shortened time-frame. You will discover much earlier the type of patients you can work on and which patient groups would benefit from the new compound or treatment
  • Achieve higher precision in your treatment because you will see the side-effects far sooner than waiting until phase III, 10 to 15 years into the project
  • Provide safety in terms of the development of the program (you can axe your program in year 1 rather than invest 10 years in the project before reaching this conclusion)

How we work with clients

We tackle problems you may have with your clinical study or patient material. If your project falters, you will have access to methodologies, approaches and/or technologies that Inoviem will specifically tailor to solve the problem which is unique your study, unlike the one-size-fits-all protocols usually offered. We assist biotechs in accomplishing their fundraising by providing them with pivotal information about their compounds.  We supply pharma companies working in any auto-immune disease area with the right model or right access to human tissue that it requires, but is unable to access itself.

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