Understand the Mode of Action of your compound

The ultimate understanding of the Mode of Action (MoA) of your compound resides in taking a patient-centric approach. This means finding, at the molecular level, the differences between individuals on the same treatment.
Therefore, at the inception of any drug discovery and development program, it is important to focus not only on the pathology, but also pay equal attention to the ‘clinical reality’ in which the patient is being treated.

Inoviem’s NPOT® technology for bringing bench to patient

Inoviem enables you to achieve this clinical reality by bringing the laboratory bench to patients; where the patient’s own tissue is included in the study and the results are used as ‘reference’.

Through the advances of our NPOT® technology, a unique heterogeneous assembly method for conducting extensive identification of all proteins (together with their native structure) involved in drug-target interaction, we are able to identify everything from the extracellular and the nucleus to as far as the organs, enabling you to make better informed decisions on how to pursue your drug development program.

Understand the Mode of Action of your compound

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