Understand the Mode of Action of your compound with NPOT® technology

Defining your drug candidate’s mechanism of action (MoA) is a critical step in development, regardless of the disease model you’re using. At Inoviem Scientific, we empower you to gain a deeper understanding of your compound’s MoA with our unique expertise and innovative technologies. 

Our team offers two key approaches to help you achieve this

  • Testing efficacy in your disease model: We can test your compound’s efficacy and associated signalling pathway in the same disease model you used for preclinial development 
  • Human-derived evidence: We leverage our extensive biobank of human pathological tissues to analyze your compound’s effectiveness in a patient-relevant context. 

Going beyond the basics: unveiling the interactome

Inoviem goes beyond traditional MoA analysis. We utilize our proprietary NPOT® technology to isolate and identify the entire network of proteins your compound interacts with, including both intended targets (ON targets) and unintended ones (OFF targets). This comprehensive picture, encompassing interactions from the cellular level to organs, empowers you to make informed decisions about your drug development path. 

A patient-centric approach: bridging bench to bedside

The ultimate understanding of your MoA lies in a patient-centric approach. We help you identify, at the molecular level, why patients might respond differently to the same treatment. This approach allows you to develop companion diagnostics that personalize treatment strategies and improve patient outcomes. 

Why choose Inoviem for MoA analysis?

  • Agnostic expertise: We offer extensive experience across various disease areas, including oncology, respiratory, and metabolic disorders. 
  • Exhaustive biobank: Our vast collection of human pathological tissues allows for MoA analysis in a clinically relevant setting.  
  • Clinical MoA expertise: We are the only CRO company delivering clinical MoA data within the human clinical environment, preserving the pathological context and providing invaluable insights at every stage of development. 

Unlock the full potential of your drug candidate with Inoviem's comprehensive MoA

Understand the Mode of Action of your compound

Identify and validate drug-target engagement

Lead compound optimization

Patient stratification and biomarkers discovery

Indication priorization

Identify biomarkers and clinical pharmacology

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