SPR services

Thanks to its expertise, Inoviem Scientific provides Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) services to analyze, among other things, the interactions of two biomolecules with respect to binding kinetics and affinity as well as binding specificity.

Our equipment, two biacore S200 & biacore 3000, combines sensitivity, performance and versatility to best meet our customers’ needs

Our services include:

  • Kinetics and affinity determination
  • Medium throughput fragment and small molecules screening
  • Binding specificity profiling
  • Antibody screening/characterization
  • And many more according to your needs

Understand the Mode of Action of your compound

Identify and validate drug-target engagement

Lead compound optimization

Patient stratification and biomarkers discovery

Indication priorization

Identify biomarkers and clinical pharmacology

SPR services

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