About Inoviem

Inoviem, a bioanalytical Contract Research Organization (CRO), enables drug developers to gain higher precision in the understanding of a compound’s clinical Mode of Action (MoA), so that a drug candidate can move rapidly to clinical trials. Inoviem’s expertise in drug-target interaction analysis is based on its groundbreaking NPOT® and PIMS® label-free technologies. These are the world’s first label-free technologies to decipher the native clinical agent’s proteins and nucleic acids within a physiological environment i.e. directly on non-modified human tissue. This achievement distinguishes Inoviem as a leader in an approach that offers clients new dimensions in identifying the therapeutic effect of pharmacological agents.

Inoviem’s strong scientific team works closely with big pharma, biotechs, and public and private research institutions in target deconvolution, clinical mechanism of action elucidation, GPCRs and membranous protein identification, biomarker identification and patient stratification. Since its founding in 2011, Inoviem has pioneered translational pharmacology from bench to bed. Inoviem is headquartered in Bas-Rhine, France.

Our mission

Preclinical to clinical: A leading explorer of drug-target interaction

Our approach is based on the simple idea that current technologies fail to take into account the natural environment in which a drug will have its beneficial effect. Due to concerns about the drug-target mode of action, the target is usually removed from its natural environment, resulting in the loss of important information and biasing the drug development process. The consequences of this are commercialized drugs with unexpected undesired effects or a loss of therapeutic activity.

Inoviem avoids this shortcoming by developing technologies with human tissue and using human samples as the analysis substrate; technology and physiology are reconciled.

Ongoing investment in developing complementary technologies ensures that we remain at the cutting-edge of innovation and bring the most creative target identification and validation solutions to our clients.

Our commitment

At Inoviem, we are committed to contributing work that upholds the quality of life and well-being of individuals.

We aim to improve the efficacy of today’s and tomorrow’s therapies by:

We aim to speed up development of new medicines by:

Our values

Inoviem Scientific’s core values are deeply ingrained in our past, present and future; they guide us in our daily work.

Respect for life

We believe science is meaningless unless it serves living beings, either directly or indirectly. Respect for life and humanity is our top priority. We place patients’ needs above all. In contrast to conventional practices, we conduct research and deploy services within a physiological – real life – environment.


Innovation is always an ongoing, multi-faceted challenge. We stretch our imaginations and constantly search for better and novel approaches that will leverage performance across all areas: research, marketing and management. Given that everything and everybody is inter-related, our emphasis is on complete or multi-disciplinary systems, rather than merely individual parts.


We are committed to achieving the highest standards of quality across all our operations. Integrity, reliability and transparency are at the forefront of all our collaborations, upon which we build long-lasting partnerships. Thanks to our scientific excellence, we continue to push the boundaries of our technologies to guarantee that the quality of our services brings complete customer satisfaction.

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