Identify biomarkers

Inoviem works with drug developers to overcome the main challenges in showing the efficacy of a compound: the complexity of the disease, individual differences within the disease area and/or the lack of knowledge of the pathophysiology.
Inoviem’s translational pharmacology strategy goes beyond genomic approaches. Drug developers will learn more than just the genetic function of a disease.

Identify unexpected natural protein interactions

It is vital that you are made aware of any unanticipated interactions. Our NPOT and PIMS technologies are able to isolate the whole interactome of your therapeutic target, identify unexpected natural protein interactions and ultimately identify the biomarker.

Molecular differences in sub-groups

If you are looking to find out more about different sub-groups (responders and non-responders), we can use our PIMS label-free technology to analyse their molecular differences and identify biomarkers.

Reliability testing

We also develop innovative tests associated with an identified biomarker, so that you can benefit from a reliable test which is validated with clinicians.

Understand the Mode of Action of your compound

Identify and validate drug-target engagement

Lead compound optimization

Patient stratification and biomarkers discovery

Indication priorization

Identify biomarkers and clinical pharmacology

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