Our expertise in translational pharmacology

Inoviem offers translational target discovery and drug-target Mode of Action (MoA) based on proprietary label-free technologies developed in a pathological and physiological environment that uses human tissue.

Our approach to working directly on non-modified human tissue means that we eliminate the need for modeling and its significant drawback of failing to take account of the natural environment in which a drug will have its beneficial effect.

We work within a natural environment and provide you with critical data without biasing the drug development process.

This results in a lower risk of drugs reaching the market with unexpected undesired effects or a loss of therapeutic activity.

Our innovative approach:
translational pharmacology

Rather than working on any type of pharmacology in an animal or cellular model, the work is performed directly on human tissue.

Advantages of approach

Inoviem highly recommends adopting a translational pharmacology strategy at the inception of any project, as it saves time and money.

How we work with clients

Inoviem develops new methodologies, approaches and/or technologies specifically tailored to solve each client’s unique problem.