Join us on Nexus Drug Discovery

Our teams will be present at Nexus Drug Discovery, with a conference “Optimizing treatments: the power, challenges and downsides of patient-centric drug development” by Pierre EFTEKHARI (President and CSO of Inoviem). – Nexus Drug Discovery | 25-26 April in Basel, Switzerland

Scientific Paper – Energy Metabolism

Our new scientific paper, “Energy Metabolism in Residents in the Low- and Moderate Altitude Regions of Central Asia with MAFLD and Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus”, has been published in Hormone and Metabolic Research. – Full scientific paper available on Hormone and Metabolic Research

Scientific Paper – Drug Upgrade

Drug upgrade: A complete methodology from old drug to new chemical entities using Nematic Protein Organization Technique

Our new scientific paper, “Drug Upgrade: a complete methodology from old drug to New Chemical Entities using Nematic Protein Organization Technique”, has been published in Drug Development Research.     Considering the persistent challenges – high attrition rates, significant costs, and protracted development phases – associated with drug discovery and development, drug repurposing has emerged as […]

Podcast – Drug Discovery World

In this latest episode, DDW’s Megan Thomas is in conversation with Dr Pierre Eftehkari, Chief Scientific Officer of Inoviem Scientific. With more than 15 years of experience in drug development, Dr Eftekhari has gained an in-depth understanding of the pharmaceutical industry and its needs. He focuses on enhancing genetically guided personalised medicine with the goal of providing safer and more effective […]

Podcast – Dr GPCR

“Serendipity all of a sudden can disappear”… What would your life be if it wasn’t for working at the bench? 🎧 Listen to this wonderful chat with Dr. Pierre Eftekhari on Ep.117 of the Dr.GPCR Podcast. Going from the bench to becoming the CEO of multiple companies, finding his “Why”… Don’t miss this interesting episode! 😉 – […]

Join us on Discovery US

Inoviem - Discovery US

Our teams will be present at Discovery US, with a conference “Right target, Right patient, Right therapeutic window; the sine qua non condition for successful drug development” by Pierre EFTEKHARI (President and CSO of Inoviem). – Discovery US | 17-18 November 2022 in Boston, USA

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