Translational pharmacology:
Pave the way towards a successful clinical trial

Our groundbreaking label-free technologies enable you to detect and identify the clinical power of, and weaknesses in, your compound from early-stage pre-clinical R&D through to clinical trials.

Translational drug discovery
Disruptive label-free technologies at each drug development phase

Innovative, label-free, easy-to-use, protein-focused

We can intervene at the very early stage of drug development and seamlessly create the bridge to the clinical development of a compound and beyond to clinical trials. We require no prior knowledge of your compound to be able to identify any proteins associated with your therapeutic target, even ones yet unidentified, within an interactome.

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Drug-target validation in a pathological environment

Drug developers need assurances that their compound will have the desired effect on a target within an acceptable safety window.

Since we explore a therapeutic target within its pathological and physiological environments, this yields crucial information for developing highly effective molecules, while at the same time significantly reducing their side-effects.

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Scientific Support

Protocol design and study design

We want to make it easy for you to achieve research, clinical and funding milestones. Our highly experienced team of scientists and support specialists are ready to assist you with best-in-class or first-in-class compounds, application enquiries, troubleshooting advice and the customized services you need to take your drug candidate all the way through its preclinical development and the clinical trial process.  

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