To advance therapeutics:
Precision, adaptive and effective therapies

Inoviem is a Bioanalytical company, specialising in Translational Ex-vivo Pharmacology.

Our scientific team has over 12 years of experience in securing and advancing drug development in almost every indication, contributing to the advancement of dozens of best-in-class and first-in-class late-stage molecules.  

Inoviem’s laboratories host several state-of-the-art technology platforms for proteomics, interactomics and the most advanced form of translational medicine studies. Inoviem’s established platforms are working on diseased tissues and deliver experimentally validated clinical target engagement, Mode of Action, and predictive biomarkers through precise patient stratification. 

Accelerating and securing the drug development process

We use complex human biology to develop better, targeted treatments. Our 12 years of experience in personalized medicine allows us to:

  • Increased relevance: We use relevant patient tissue indicating directly  patient response to potential drugs, providing a more accurate picture of efficacy and safety compared to traditional models. This can save time and resources by identifying ineffective options earlier.
  • Improved clinical trial design: We incorporate patient perspectives and experiences into trial design leads to more meaningful endpoints and assessments, making trials more relevant to actual patient outcomes.
  • De-risking the pipeline: We understand drug mechanisms through patient-derived materials. This allows early identification of potential issues, saving resources and reducing the risk of late-stage failuresW

From human complexity to personalized insights: our state-of-the-art technology platforms

We embrace the complexity of human biology to develop precision therapies. Our technology platforms, NPOT and PIMS, directly engage diseased human tissues unlocking personalized insights that were previously unattainable.

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