Inoviem Scientific offers a range of services tailored to the needs of drug discovery, preclinical and clinical development.

We help researchers better meet those requirements essential for the validity of an experiment, accelerate drug development and achieve clinical trial objectives.

Understand the mode of action of your compound

The ultimate understanding of the Mode of Action (MoA) of your compound resides with taking a patient-centric approach

Validate targets in the study model

Compound pharmacology is always shown in a relevant model, whether cellular or animal. It is important to identify and validate the primary target in the very same model.

Choose the compound for development

With greater emphasis on translational pharmacology, any number of compounds can be profiled, and we can identify within four weeks of study which one of these offers the best ‘druggability’ to move forward into development.

Stratify different patient groups

Inoviem harnesses its study power to locate and identify within the whole population the right patient subset who would respond to the compound.

Identify secondary targets

If you suspect that a secondary target may be problematic, we can quickly identify whether it is beneficial to the indication or produces side-effects.

Validate target in targeted organism

Our robust empirical approach enables you to salvage a failed compound by finding a new indication for it.

Define the indication

When your promising compound has failed in its primary indication, we can fast-track you to identifying a condition that would be more efficient.

Identify biomarkers

Inoviem’s translational pharmacology strategy goes beyond genomic approaches, to give  you more information than just the genetic function of a disease.