Identify and validate targets

Compound pharmacology is always shown in a relevant model, whether cellular or animal. It is important to identify and validate the primary target in the very same model.
Insufficient validation of drug targets at an early stage has been linked to costly clinical failures.

Overcome key challenges in target validation in the study model

At Inoviem, we identify target candidates (n=5) that are validated in the study model; these could be cell line, primary cells, iPS, or any animal model.
Inoviem is adept at overcoming the key challenges in target validation that could otherwise impact the fate of your compound, i.e. weather your compound is druggable:

  • The compound interacts directly with the identified target
  • The identified target is delivered in the pathology. As it plays a key role, once modified, it would influence the disease (therapeutic target)
  • The interaction between the compound and target can change the pharmacology of the target within the pathology

Validate target in targeted organism

Our robust empirical approach enables you to salvage a failed compound by finding a new indication for it. We enable you to quickly reposition a compound.

Identify secondary targets and reduce attrition rates in phase II clinical trials by discovering negative side-effects with our NPOT® technology

If you suspect that a secondary target may be problematic, we can quickly identify whether it is beneficial to the indication or produces side-effects.

As this can be determined at the preclinical phase or during clinical phases, our translational pharmacology approach enables you to reduce attrition rates in phase II clinical trials by discovering negative side-effects way ahead of your drug entering phase IV or being introduced on the market.

Clinical developers benefit from our Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) technology by having the ability to:

  • Direct identification: Explore a direct interaction between the compound or therapeutic drug with target candidates
  • Protein-Protein interaction: Explore the direct interaction of proteins within a signaling pathway relating to the primary target
  • Inhibition and all competition assays: Explore the competition between the compound, the primary target and proteins within a signaling pathway

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