Rapidly identify your compound's MoA* in two weeks

*Mode of Action (MoA) comprises primary target, secondary and OFF targets as well as underling signaling pathways

Struggling with costly and time-consuming MoA identification? Delaying drug development and hindering progress? Risking missed opportunities and setbacks in research?

Discover our latest fully label-free Mode of Action Screening platform, capable of screening many compounds and designed to detect proteins interacting with your molecule.

With comprehensive analysis and rapid screening capabilities, we identify the drug-induced signalling pathway and unlock critical drug mechanisms in just 2 weeks.

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“The technology has a great potential as a target ID platform. Service itself was fantastic. Impressed with Inoviem's rigor in performing the experiments, analyzing the data and creating the report, and their overall depth of scientific knowledge.”
Johnson & Johnson
Principal Scientist, Oncology & Discovery Chemistry

Experience the power of label-free technology, rapid screening, and comprehensive analysis with a partner you can trust.




2 weeks for results

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Experience the advanced capabilities of our MoA Screening service, designed to quickly detect protein interactions and signaling pathways, helping you identify key targets with precision.

Curious to see what your results will look like? Download a sample table now to explore the detailed information you’ll receive when you subscribe to our MoA Screening service. 

Don't let time-consuming MoA identification hold you back.

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